Travel Industry

Completing ticketing requests, managing flight inventory and sending manifests in real-time are just a small part of the complex messaging fabric used in today’s travel services environment. All of this demands a reliable, scalable and cost effective message architecture to support it. Cloak Labs’ airline community messaging service goes above and beyond, empowering travel services companies with a world-class global business messaging infrastructure.

Guaranteed Delivery
A patented, multi-pathing network ensures messages are delivered. Each message is archived for non-repudiation and delivery acknowledgment for each message is sent.
Cost Effective
A managed service that leverages the economies of the cloud eliminates capital expenditures to deploy an airline community messaging network, reducing cost of ownership by 50%-80% in many cases. The Cloak Labs messaging network is easy to deploy, reducing the man-power needed to bring up the system.
Rapid Deployment
A Cloak Labs network path can be established in a matter of hours/days as opposed to weeks/months. Bring new trading partners up quickly with a simple software download and with no capital expenditure — only lightweight software to install.
Trade with existing partners on the Cloak Labs network using simple access controls for one-to-many and many-to-many messaging.
Cloak Labs provides you with file level tracking, transaction monitoring and file archiving.
Cloak Labs Control constantly monitors the network to determine the fastest path for messages to travel.
Our patented network infrastructure leverages triple-encryption, continuous monitoring, archiving and multi-pathing to deliver a secure, non-repudiated airline community messaging service.
Cloak Labs’ patented Security Gateways and the elasticity of the cloud allow message loads to scale without any impact to performance and trading partners can be quickly brought online with little effort.
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