Electronic information exchange for healthcare is the backbone of the HITECH Act and Meaningful Use. Implementing the Cloak Labs platform gives you quick and highly secure interoperability between disparate Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. We enable hospitals, health systems, providers, and laboratories to exchange essential health information in real-time without changing their workflow or modifying legacy applications.

Cloak Labs’ platform integrates with your existing IT environment through the use of Cloak Labs Security Gateways. We support dozens of transfer protocols, including HL7 and MLLP. See our Secure HL7 examples.

Cloak Labs technology is HIPAA compliant, encrypting data in motion and at rest. Data which passes through our cloud-based network is encrypted and unreadable by anyone excepting the intended recipient. Even we can’t read your messages.

Case Studies:

Restorix LogoThe Wound Center operates wound treatment centers in more than 30 Acute Care Hospitals in the United States. Although services are performed in traditional hospital settings, each center is managed from the Wound Center’s headquarters.

Business Challenge: With expansion to new locations, the Wound Center faced the challenge of reliably moving patient and billing data between the individual treatment centers and its corporate office. The Wound Center needed a cost effective, highly secure and easily deployed solution that complied with stringent and everchanging healthcare security regulations.

Read more on how The Wound Center solved their business challenge with Cloak Labs’ secure messaging platform.

Easy to implement
Cloak Labs’ platform is an easy to deploy solution that meets the needs of healthcare providers who need to achieve interoperability. A connection to the Cloak Labs platform can be established within minutes or hours as opposed to the months of waiting required for VANs or other file management services. Cloak Labs’ Security Gateways can be used to reach all electronic health record destinations on the network. This means faster time to HIPAA compliance at a fraction of the cost of VPN and VAN alternatives.
HL7, X.12 & MLLP support
Our messaging platform interfaces to any application regardless of the protocol — including TCP/IP over MLLP. We also support multiple file protocols, including HL7 (ORU, ADT, SIU, DFT, ORM) and X.12 (835 & 837). We can take any message type and deliver it to any of your trading partners in their native application protocol without having to establish, maintain and manage costly VPNs or VANs.
We provide you with HIPAA compliance features such as file level tracking, ability to complete full audit trail, triple layer security and PKI Management for participant authorization.
To meet the HIPAA Security Rule, measures need to be put in place that protect an individuals’ electronic personal health information. Cloak Labs’ platform provides private key infrastructure management for authenticating every endpoint on the network, ensuring that only trusted and intended recipients receive a patient’s health information.
Guaranteed Delivery
Sending prescriptions, results, billing information and patient medical records privately and accurately is extremely important for HIPAA/Health Information Exchange compliance. With our 100% delivery guarantee, you can count on every HL7 message getting through in seconds. By removing all single points of failure and routing dual copies of transactions over separate paths, we avoid outages and latency issues due to congestion or downed carrier lines.
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