Financial Services

Increasing compliance and regulation rules combined with ever expanding globalization continuously add further pressure to the security challenges faced by Financial Services Institutions. Secure communications with third parties, whether they are customers, vendors or partners is turning into one of the top priorities of the industry. Recent revelations of indirect cyberattacks against banks have been highlighted in mass media in detail.

The Cloak Labs Global Virtual Bus™ was designed and built to address the business challenge of an enterprise when it needs to securely exchange sensitive and mission critical information beyond its data center with zero compromise on security requirements. It does this by extending the customer’s ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) through a secure cloud based platform with end-to-end encryption and reliable multi-path message delivery.

Guaranteed Delivery
Cloak Labs’ 100% delivery guarantee gives financial institutions the ability to bank on every message getting through in seconds. By removing all single points of failure and routing dual copies of transactions over separate paths, Cloak Labs avoids outages and latency issues due to congestion or downed carrier lines. Every message follows an independent route to its recipient application worldwide, with positive acknowledgment of delivery and contents available to both parties.
File level tracking
Ever changing financial regulations and standards are making it more difficult to manage electronic data transmission and control cost. Traditionally, many Financial Institutions have relied on VANs to audit and track file transmission over their networks, which can be costly and time consuming to deploy and decommission. With Cloak Labs, you get the same functionality as a traditional VAN and more, including File-Level Tracking for businesses that need to monitor and audit every transaction over their networks.
Rapid Scaling
Cloak Labs provides a service capable of supporting unlimited demand on the system. Our component architecture provides linear scalability and allows the service to handle any demands in transactional throughput. The “on demand” nature of the cloud means that the infrastructure dynamically scales up and down based on transaction volume giving us the ability to handle spikes in load instantaneously.
Cloak Labs provides an audit trail for each message through our customer portal.
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