Athena Health: More Disruption Please

October 10, 2012 / CloudPrime, Healthcare / 0 Comments

I recently spent an amazing two days at the Point Lookout Resort in Northport, Maine with a community of “disruptors”.
Athena Health’s second annual More Disruption Please Conference, an event aimed to accelerate disruptive innovations in health care, brought together more than 100 CEOs, entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, academics, and software engineers to discuss ways to drive the industry towards innovation, openness and collaboration.

Traditionally, the healthcare has been an industry driven from top down. After attending this conference, I realize this is going to change dramatically. Bringing innovative technologies into healthcare will change the way information is distributed and transferred. These technologies will enable doctors to spend more time with their patients and give them better care.  The less time the doctor has to spend on paper work and transferring information, the more time they will have for their patients.

Our world is ready for a disruptive innovation in healthcare.

From my conversations at the conference, it is clear that the first phase of this disruption is the use of smartphones and the process has already begun. I decided to test this by looking for diabetes apps on my phone and 20 came up! Can you imagine the global impact this will have? Technology is global and allows us to have access to people instantly–We can have a specialist in Iceland look at our chart in seconds. Just think about the billions of users this can benefit?
While we are already seeing disruptive innovations working, I believe a dramatic difference will be seen within the next five years. In underdeveloped areas we are seeing a huge difference as they are coming from a clean sheet of paper.
Cloak Labs is a disruptive innovation. We supply the secure messaging that medical applications can interface to. Cloud computing in general will have a huge impact in healthcare. Costs of healthcare will be reduced, we will have greater access to industry specialists across the globe, and we will have easier communication. The percentage of smartphones is rapidly increasing which will enable this change.

This is not just hype, it is reality. Once the applications are in place, we will all see a disruption in healthcare and many other industries, for that matter.